Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute

Welcome to the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute (CTTI) website.

My name is Andrea Schwartz and I have been involved with the glorious and rewarding calling of homeschooling for the past 27+ years. I have graduated two children from high school and am finishing up with my youngest.

I have authored two books on the subject, sharing my insights and the many lessons I have learned from God and from those dedicated teachers by whom I have had the privilege to be discipled.

With all the attacks and challenges to parental freedom and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe the time has come to equip the homeschooling families of our day with the theological and philosophical underpinnings of this great endeavor.

While still in the pilot stages, CTTI is actively teaching and mentoring homeschooling parents with the multitude of tools and resources that the Chalcedon Foundation and other ministries and organizations provide.

Please fill out our information form here if this avenue of learning is something that you would like to explore.

In Christ,

Andrea Schwartz